Originally posted: March 5, 2014

Hanover Park was a place that was peaceful, before gangsters started to rule the area. First of all it started with the drug dealers, selling the drugs to our people and our youngsters. They use them and have a lekker party. But after they make them part of the gang by buying them clothes and giving them protection… Then they give them a pistol so they can rule part of the area. The community have tried their best but haven’t succeed! Why? because it’s their own kids who are gang related and hide the pistol in their house so the community is corrupted with our own police man. My suggestion is to stand up whether its your own and vote the drug dealers out of area the because they are the ones that makes the area corrupted with their money. That’s difficult but what we are trying to do is to make a alternative for these kids and youngsters. For them to see that there is another way, another solution to the fear of Hanover Park.

Arashaad-Goliath (Core Member)