We had worked hard in the months up to the big yearly community show held on the 8 of June 2015.

Everyone was excited. The kids, facilitators and the core group. We had a visitor from Denmark in this month – who came to understand our work, and help us prepare for the trip overseas; happening later in the year, and to video document some of the processes.

It was a big day and the collaboration from de blokka and eMzantsi  from over the mountain were ready to make it even a bigger event. But as the situation in Hanover Park are challenged by the realities of gangs, safety and miscommunication. We got the notice the same morning.The show had been cancelled! With the sort notice we went straight to Hanover Park where the band and the puppet makers were already in place. We did not understand what was happening. But we the safety of all comes first with a big event as this.

The sun was shining and everything seemed okay, so after a long discussion we decided to make a parade around the area with the kids, musicians and the dragon. The big show had to be moved as we could not do it with out security…

It turned to be a fantastic day… We gathered at Landsport community center, where the disappointed kids got face painting and the band warmed up to play. We had help from one Metro police officer; they had rushed in after hearing we all still were there. The music started and people danced down the streets of Hanover Park. Little by little the streets got full of high energy, and creative atmosphere under the sun. We went right around and had a short stop at the Surran Rd Park were people played with circus on the grass. We went back to Landsport where we ended off by agreeing that this was a amazing day and that we all can make it happen, no matter what as long as we move together.

We also decided to not cancel the big show but move it the 25 of July 2015.