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Training Times:

The training is given free of charge at Lansport Community Centre and the Blomvlei Community Centre

The workshops are open every Tuesday from 14.30-16.30 pm.

Every Friday from 14:00-17:00 pm a group goes through to ActionArte’s building in Observatory to further their circus skills on a higher level.

Open Workshops:

December: ActionArte takes the community workshops out into the open air and makes it available to the public as an end of the year event. It is a way to attract more children in the area for the following year. It demonstrates what they are doing in the community centres and lets the youngsters inspire others by performing in a small show. For the past 3 years it took place in the skate park of Hanover Park.

Community Centre Shows:

ActionArte regularly takes their Hanover students on outings to see circus inspired shows or events around Cape Town. Every June they organise a production in the community centre for family, friends and any others interested. It is a show where the children are able to demonstrate their skills.

Social Circus Exchanges:
The Social Circus Network started in 2013, where ActionArte together with ZipZap and Sisoke made it possible for a yearly convention to take place. Each year each program brings thirty kids together in a combined production. The Social Circus Network takes place each year on the 16th of June, Youth Day, and in 2016 it was hosted by ActionArte in Hanover Park at the Civic Centre. Zip Zap Circus will be hosting the event again in 2017.

We wish to be recognized by educational, art, culture and social development bodies; to create strong, positive, self thinking, creative citizens a that can and will make the better future of South Africa and the world.

Marlin Roos & Hanne La Cour founders of ActionArte




To encourage personal and social development in the youth through circus arts. To provide a safe place outside of the realities of everyday life where the youth can be free to express themselves. To impart knowledge of physical training and various circus skills. To create a framework for continued advancement, future growth and future opportunities for the youth in the project.

General Objectives


Respect, concentration, co-ordination, co-habitation, physical skills, learning, listening, forming, expressing, creating, safety and non-violence, the ability to set rules and learn about boundaries, giving and taking of responsibility, the formation of routine, the understanding of others regardless of differences (origins, age etc.), motivation, personal growth and self-esteem. The project also aims to support exchanges with other areas in the neighbourhood.

Course Objectives


Warm up games are used in order to let go, open up and get in touch with others and the space. Games are used in between exercises in order to stay focused and to introduce activities.


Acrobatics are used to learn to control and get students to know their bodies, and release energy positively. They learn to make contact, find trust and security in themselves and in others. Through training students learn to understand personal health and respect. It is an ideal practice to learn to master fears and take risks while keeping focus and concentration.


In theater performance students find confidence to speak, to be on stage and to accept failures and victories. Theater allows for the imagination to flourish, for students to create and to believe in themselves and their voices. Theater teaches effective communication, observation, reaction, attentiveness as well as listening skills..

Adagio and Pyramids

In learning adagio and pyramids students learn to find confidence, and to understand and appreciate their function in a group. They learn to use physical strength to care for others instead of inflicting violence.


The practice of juggling teaches students co-ordination, concentration, rhythm, memory, patience and posture. It also gives an understanding of new ways to using things.

Aerial and Trampoline

Aerial and trampoline are something new and different that cannot be done alone. The learning of these skills pushes the fear of heights in a safe way.  Aerial and trampoline are skills that motivate, encourage awareness and provide hope through realizing that it is possible. Students learn to take care of others and to help rid them of their fears.

Fitness and Flexibility

Through fitness and flexibility students gain body awareness, and build the strength and flexibility in order to progress in circus. Students learn the limits of their bodies. They learn when to stop, when to continue and when a massage is needed. They learn to work with their strength, and to release energy in a positive manner.

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