School Programs


ActionArte offers

Workshop and performance

A two hour workshop for students, ending with a small performance by our core group – to show where practice and play can lead to!

Workshop and showcase by students

A workshop (time to be specified) that ends with a showcase made by your students. Our core troupe’s performance can be incorporated into this workshop.

Fundraiser Entertainment

We offer workshops and entertainments for school fundraisers.

Extra-curricular workshops

Afternoon workshops at your school that can run through the duration of the year. Either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.

Teaching courses for teachers

Teaching courses that inspire new methods of teaching for teachers, and equip teachers with new tools to keep healthy learning processes in the class room. ActionaArte teach teachers to incorporate games and exercises for concentration, co-ordination, team work, respect etc. Games and exercises can also be developed with specific subjects in mind. For example, timetables in Mathematics, story building for languages studies, new exercises for Physical Education.

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