Originally posted: November 5, 2015

Finally! The show happened at Hanover Park Civic Center on the 25 of July 2015.

De Blokka, a marching band from Ocean Veiw, came again and helped us march and advertise the show after the last confusion.

We open the door at 14:00 for the public in Hanover Park Big Civic Center and the place was nicely filled! People were having an amazing experience of seeing the creation of Hanover Park in a living picture through circus and voices.

Some memories from the young adults that had their first Show in Hanover Park:

Mash-hood Dollie 20yrs old
The show was awesome I really liked it I hope our next show will be more awesome like the show that we had. There were a lot of people that where cheering. And after the show there where people that where asking me for my signature. Asking where they could go to join actionarte, when I came at home people never believed whenever I told them about what I was doing at actionarte but after the show they were amazed. They want to join actionarte I was asked when there is going to be a show again. They couldn’t believe it was me doing stuff until they saw it with their own eyes.

Donell Gietzmann 22yrs old
The show was truly amazing I enjoyed every last act that all of us did. The hard work of that we had done paid off. The crowd was wowed by the kids that was so disciplined and the tricks that where done. I saw the positivity the show brought to Hanover Park because as I walked home I only got positive comments. Parents asking when the next show will be isn’t there a centre near to their homes where they can send their kids. At that moment I truly felt blessed to be part of actionarte.