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Shameer Johnson

I have been doing circus for almost 16 years now. I joined ActionArte in 2014 as a teacher and performer. My specialties are trapeze, acrobatics and diablo. With Actionarte I get to inspire kids in my area with what I love and what I do.

Francois Roos

I was born into the circus life, following in my parents footsteps since before I can remember. In 2015 I joined ActionArte as a core member, performing as a professional circus artist as well as learning to become a professional and social circus teacher. I am an all-rounder circus performer and my specialties at the moment are aerial straps, juggling and acrobatics.



In 2014 I took part in ActionArtes youngster program and ever since I have been working really hard. In March 2016 I became a core group member, over these 2 years I have learnt acrobatics, fire blowing, staff dancing and juggling. I am now focused on the unicycle and clowning as my specialties….And I’ve learnt how to work with youngsters! Today I am a teacher and a performer and that’s what I always wanted to do!



I started my career in traditional circus at the age of seven, as an acrobat and juggler. Over the years I have touched on a variety of disciplines/ I started with ActionArte 3 years ago as a performer. Since then I have become a teacher for both kids and adults, my specialties are cloud swing, juggling and acrobatics.

Khadeejah Abels

I attended the very first informal workshops with ActionArte in 2009 before they were registered, it’s been ten years and now I work as a performer, facilitator, teacher and a bit of everything. My main disciplines are contortion, scarf, bouncing balls (juggling) and acrobatics. My passions are kids and social development!

Hanne La Cour

I am originally from Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been traveling most of my life and have a fascination for culture, creativity and people. I have been worked with schools and social projects, always with a twist to theater and alternative ways. I have participated and arranged many cultural and artistic exchanges mostly with Central America and Europe, but found the circus here in Cape Town.

I saw that all my interests in life can fall under circus. I studied full time circus, theater and teaching and started informal workshops together with Marlin Roos in Hanover park.

I see life as my living school and hope to create strong individuals that dare to dream and create their own way in life. My specialties are hair suspension, flexibility, ariel and adagio.

Marlin Roos

I am a second generation performer and entertainer, I trained and worked at S.A. National Circus School for 21 years, where I developed, both personally and professionally, multiple skills in Acrobatics, Flying Trapeze, Single Trapeze, High Wire, Stilt Walking, Trampoline, Fire Blowing & Fire Stick Dancing, Clowning, Chinese Pole, Rigging, Juggling, Unicycle, walking Globe and much more. In 2009 I started informal social circus workshops in Hanover Park. From 2011 to 2013 I studied in circus and teaching circus in Spain, graduating with honors for teaching acrobatics. In 2013 co-founded the Actionarte Foundation S.A. holding the position of Executive Director and Head Trainer.

We wish to be recognized by educational, art, culture and social development bodies; to create strong, positive, self thinking, creative citizens a that can and will make the better future of South Africa and the world.

Marlin Roos & Hanne La Cour founders of ActionArte


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